Monday 24 August 2015

Lancing roof repair

Royal Roofing Services were contacted by a Customer in Lancing,we had been recommended by a previous customer in West Sussex,the customer had a problem with her roof,it was water was leaking into their bedroom above their window.On inspection we found that  there was no felt under the tiles, and no undercloak beneath the verge tiles,the tiles were very old and damaged and the ridge tiles were broken leaving holes in the roof. So we removed the old ridge and tiles and fitted new breathable felt and new fiber cement undercloak. We then re tiled the roof and fitted new ridge and verge tiles.for more pictures of our work visit htpp:// locations we cover are west and east sussex
old roof, broken tiles, broken ridge.
old tiles, broken tiles, broken ridge
no felt,feather edge,leaking roof
new breathable felt, water tight,
new tiles, new ridge, new verge.


  1. Definitely looks like that roof was in dire need of some TLC! Those jobs are one of my favorite parts of roofing Calgary to be honest. I love fixing up an old beaten up roof and leaving it looking like new.

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